Longtime listeners of Cross.Culture.Critic., do not adjust your podcast settings. We are now The Jesus Junkyard Podcast. Chris and Joe talk about what that means, why the change was made and what to expect going forward. But there's also more! Chris and Joe talk about coming out of the pandemic. Chris talks about float therapy. And Chris thinks his 20-year-old self would think his 40-year-old self is going to Hell. Listen and subscribe! 


Show notes: 

Chris and Joe are back! This month, they're talking about the death of Christian music icon Carman, Chris' old man habits, and two recent true-crime documentaries. 


Chris and Joe start by talking about their holiday celebrations and end up in a long conversation about drinking, movies, legalism and faith.

November 19, 2020

Pandemic check in

As the pandemic continues, Chris and Joe check in to talk about the things they've learned about themselves and their quarantine success stories. Also: Chris talks about a recent museum trip and Joe answers some listener mail. Also, the transitions are horrible and Chris blames it on Bota Box. 

Hey everyone! 


New episode. This week, Joe and Chris answer a listener's questions about whether Joe considered himself as a role model during his Insyderz days. That leads into a long discussion about the nature of role models, growing in faith (and losing it), and the inherent complications of combining faith and art. Give it a listen! 


Chris and Joe talk about the new Five Iron Frenzy Kickstarter, what a Christian Music '90s cruise would look like, nostalgia, getting older, "Bill and Ted Face the Music," "Class Action Park" and more. Also, Joe's on cold meds, so if it rambles, you know why! 

August 13, 2020

The internet is evil

Chris and Joe are back! In this episode, Joe asks why Chris would be so stupid as to go to an amusement park in a pandemic. Chris shares a parenting dilemma. And the two talk about the cesspool that is social media. 

July 17, 2020

The triumphant return

It's been nearly two years since our last episode, but there's nothing like a pandemic to get some podcasting on! Chris and Joe chat via Skype, catching up on what they've been doing since the last episode aired and talking about life in pandemic. They also talk about introducing their kids to beloved movies, get nerdy about comic books and coffee, and share some recommendations with listeners. Welcome back, and enjoy! 

Joe is back, and he and Chris have a wide-ranging podcast this week. They talk favorite movie franchises and delve into topics of the supernatural. But first, they ask the all-important question: Did Jesus tell poop jokes? 

This week, a break from the format as Chris interviews Gary Campbell (#letgarygraduate), who recently gained a following on social media after his college admission was denied because he is a gay man. Chris and Gary talk about the incident, and the tension existing between the Church and the LGBT community. 

* Gary's story

Next week: Chris and Joe talk favorite movie franchises, and delve into topics of the supernatural! 

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